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Help Vulnerable Communities

  • Rise Against Hunger (RAHI)
    Rise Against Hunger (RAHI)
  • Network for Youth Development & Healthy Environment (NYDHEE)
    Network for Youth Development & Healthy Environment (NYDHEE)
  • Paras India
    Paras India
  • Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD)
    Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD)


#Bharatcares is an online register that provides you with customized information about social initiatives in India. We want to increase the visibility of and full transparency about charitable initiatives.

In the wake of the Corona/Covid-19 Pandemic crisis, many non-profit initiatives offer solutions to specific problems. Despite all the helpfulness and solidarity, there is no single point of contact that clearly lists all non-profit initiatives and at the same time allows the user to filter them according to their needs. We have therefore set up the #Bharatcares as a central contact point for helpers and those seeking help.

Do you want to get involved? With the #Bharatcares you can find relevant initiatives in India. 

Do you or your relatives need help? With the #Bharatcares help you can find a suitable support offer.

Your initiative needs support? You can  requests in the #Bharatcares to help more people with your initiative.

The Corona/ Covid-19 Pandemic crisis has forced us follow Social distancing and lockdown, but social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing. Let’s stay united and support each-other because #Bharatcares

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